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More News About BEAST OF BURDEN Starring Daniel Radcliffe

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Producer Mary Aloe is proud to share more great articles about


starring Daniel Radcliffe, Grace Gummer

and Laurence Fishburne


The Tracking Board

Daniel Radcliffe Starring in Drug Running Movie “Beast of Burden”

Narcotics Thriller Beast Of Burden Taps Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe drug-running drama ‘Beast Of Burden’ flies w/Lotus – exclusive

Daniel Radcliffe will play a pilot in Beast Of Burden

Daniel Radcliffe en trafiquant de drogue dans le film « Beast of Burden »

Sean Haggerty only has an hour to deliver his illegal cargo.

An hour to reassure a drug cartel, a hitman, and the DEA that nothing is wrong. An hour to make sure his wife survives.

And he must do it all from the cockpit of his Cessna.

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